'Pink Legend' Pink Dress With Fancy Flyaway Ribbons

Style Notes
Meet your most eye-catching sundress! Welcome to your most unforgettable Pink Legend! Fine chiffon ribbons dance along, flying freely with you, wherever you go, you just wanna take the magic of Pink Legend with you. A sweet and smart designer cotton dress with every delicate detail that is memorable and magical. The fine straight silhouette, the neat back zipper and the flow of chic and fantastic ribbons at the lower half of the dress give you the ultra-modern look that you've always been looking for. Add the fictional fashionable touch of Pink Legend to all the parties, vacations and special events that await you. With your Pink Legend, you come to give cotton sundresses a new wave of whimsical beauty, comfortability and style. A daring darling dress for your modern and marvelous style.
• 100% Cotton
• Dry clean only
This item cannot be returned or exchanged

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