'Emerald Message' Short Green Sleeveless Pocket Dress

Style Notes
Your closet is craving for a chic and comfy shakeup and Emerald Message is the excellent answer to it. A short sleeveless green coulisse dress with cute back straps and sweet drawstrings and big pockets that take you as far as your imagination desires. Get more comfortable and fashionable with your Emerald Message. A glossy green fabric catches up with ritzy drawstrings to give you the one and only Emerald Message. Your ultimate attractive and adventurous look is the key secret of your Emerald Message dress. Are you ready to reveal all the styling secrets that you carry in your emerald green pocket dress? Your exquisite collection of sundresses misses an exciting Emerald Message. It's time to introduce your most amazing Emerald Message to the world. Your sundress is your key styling piece for a perfect vacation.
• 80 % Polyester
• 20% Cotton
• Dry clean only
This item cannot be returned or exchanged

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