'Quiet Kiss' Sleeveless Grey Cotton Dress

Style Notes
A darling modern dress called Quiet Kiss awaits you! A cute contemporary dress with an attractive decorative zipper on the back that simply can't go unnoticed. You can't go unlooked-at with your Quiet Kiss. Quiet Kiss is a designer dress that sweetens your outstanding young style. It comes to outshine all your other designer summer dresses. Because this is a designer party dress made for you and your adventurous elegance. You just wanna follow the neon orange ruffles that style-kiss your grey cotton dress here and there. You can't wait to explore the unique chic pocket that gives your dress its final fun and flirty touch. This summer, wherever you go, take your Quiet Kiss with you!
• 100% Cotton
• Dry clean only
This item cannot be returned or exchanged

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