Willow Tree - Willow Tree Angel Of Prayer

Willow Tree® is a line of figurines designed by artist Susan Lordi, from DEMDACO. Every piece is done in a rustic style, and features faceless people and angels. They are intended to represent and bring forth feelings, memories, and important life events. Each Willow Tree® piece is cast from Susan Lordi's original carvings in resin, and painted by hand. These figurines capture natural expression and emotions in each gesture. Steeped in sentiment, a gift of Willow Tree® communicates beyond words.
The Angel of Prayer depicts a dark-haired angel with wire wings, kneeling down in a praying position. It is a simple figure, and makes a great gift for someone who is very religious, or someone who could use a prayer or two in their honor.
Height: 4"
Materials: resin, metal
Item #: 26012
Sentiment: For those who believe in the power of prayer

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