'Nostalgic Sky' Teal Blue Short Sleeve Silk Velvet Midi Dress

Style Notes
This 'Nostalgic Sky' dress shouts chic! Always stylish and special with a fancy sentimental elegance to it, this dress is a seductive style piece. So feel free to wear your most exquisite accessories with this stunning midi dress. 'Nostalgic Sky' can catch everyone by surprise. With an attractive magnetic touch of silk velvet, 'Nostalgic Sky' midi dress invites everyone to enjoy a more magical spark of style. As your exquisite taste in style can redefine your 'Nostalgic Sky' every time, enjoy the fun of exploring the magnificent styling potential of your dress by trying out different styles of footwear. This particular 'Nostalgic Sky' will amazingly go with all kinds of footwear. So for every exciting event that you're invited, you'd want to keep your 'Nostalgic Sky' dress nearby. Because you can always rely on the irresistible touch of the silk velvet of your 'Nostalgic Sky' to carry you away and bring plenty more marvelous memories your way.
Details • 100% Silk
• Lining: 100% Viscose
• Dry Clean Only
This item cannot be returned or exchanged

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