'Autumn Dream' A Fancy Fashion-Forward Velvet Maxi Dress

Style Notes
Chic and empowering with lustrous layers and multi-sized ritzy flirtatious flowers! This exquisite detailed dress is your sweet secret treasure. An upscale key to style awaits you with this unforgettable fashionable 'Autumn Dream' dress. Allow your 'Autumn Dream' Dress make a tender timeless entrance. Leave the dialogue to your 'Autumn Dream' dress. It's easy to impress any kind of a crowd with your 'Autumn Dream' dress. Simply have the bold print speak of your passion for life. Let the devoré fabric resemble the chic shimmer of autumn that dresses you in a magnificent festive dream. This dazzling devoré dress is your irreplaceable 'Autumn Dream'. Stun in style! Have your 'Autumn Dream' dress invite all the eyes to your fabulous fashion feast. This 'Autumn Dream' dress will celebrate your elegance with the most daring eye-catching details. You don't just wear your 'Autumn Dream' dress, you become the 'Autumn Dream' as you steal everyone's heart.
• 100% Silk
• Lining: 100% Polyester
• Dry clean only
This item cannot be returned or exchanged

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