'Irresistible Iris' High-Low Sleeveless Floral Print Silk Dress

Style Notes
This is a fun and feminine dress for a night out or a day full of surprises. With Irresistible Iris you’ll always be prepared for the sensual sweetness of the season. This stunning high-low dress will go with any type of figure. So, own your feminine style and party all through the season in this fancy floral print dress. Exquisite and chic with a romantic touch to it. Irresistible Iris comes with an authentic fashion statement. It will feel light and elegant with a flirty flow. That’s the true beauty of Irresistible Iris. Because with silk long dress you’ll feel chic and confident wherever you’ll go. So have Irresistible Iris cover you just enough to look both very nice and just a little naughty.
• 100% Silk
• Dry clean only
This item cannot be returned or exchanged

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