'Chiffon Wink' One Shoulder Maxi Dress

Style Notes
Easy-chic! Comfortably fashionable! Everyone is gonna notice your Chiffon Wink! So be prepared for looking your prettiest best self! Meet your newest and most treasurable maxi dress! Chiffon Wink is a smooth summery maxi dress. You can freely and most fashionably dance in it, right on the beach or if you like, dine in it, very chic! In your wild and dazzling Chiffon Wink dress, you’ll make all your holidays more memorable and better than ever. Surprise everyone with your ritzy easy-chic and comfortably fashionable Chiffon Wink!
• 100% Viscose
• Lining: 100% Nylon
• Hand wash
This item cannot be returned or exchanged

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