'Summer Stay' Sleeveless Floor-Length Dress

Style Notes
Comfy, flowy, chic and floor-length! A light bright dress with happy pink details along with star-like details, creating a cheerful summery image. Allowing you to be your comfortable self while being eye catching from every observable angle. With the easy elegant flow of this dress , you’ll have your favorite season forever with you. Summer will stay with you in style, with this dress. Just the perfect dress for your platform sandals or any other sandals that you prefer. Heels and flats each add their own charm to your Summer Stay. Leaving you, absolutely free to choose what you like. Keep in mind that Summer Stay is a very elegantly easy to match, harmonious kind of a dress. So make the most of your Summer Stay!
• 100% Viscose
• Dry clean only
This item cannot be returned or exchanged

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