'Silky Snowflake Effect' Sleeveless, Ice Colored Shift Dress

Style Notes
Chic around the clock with the styling capacity of seizing each and every moment. Silky Snowflake is extremely elegant with a delicate sparkly hem. With this dress, your figure along with your ultimate fashion statement, both, get to be perfect! Silky Snowflake will look perfect with flats during the day to run your errands. BUT it will also look excellent with high heels giving it a more flirty bit of a look all through a wild night out. This is a fun and flirty dress made of fine natural silk with just a jazzy sprinkle of futurism. Silky Snowflake with its rich smooth silk and hyper-posh touch glides you gently through the day and drives you wildly through the night. So you’ll embrace the sweet icy energy of colors and textures in this silky smooth shift dress. Because with sweet Silky Snowflake, regardless of your body type you’ll always look perfect.
• 100% Silk
• Dry clean only
This item cannot be returned or exchanged

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