'Pink Fire' Asymmetric Sleeveless Midi Dress

Style Notes
Refuel your fresh fashion statement with Pink Fire! This fiery feminine ash pink dress has too many dazzling details to let you and your glamorous style go unnoticed. Fast track your stunning style with Pink Fire! Pink Fire is a fancy flirty dress with an authentic asymmetric theme that is both chic and energetic. An adventure inviting midi dress that will perfectly match your feminine free spirited style! The hot colors of your dress simply refuel one another with glamour as ash pink and burgundy date one another wildly and glamorously. The colors, the cut and the fabulous flow of the silky fabric together turn your Pink Fire dress into a fine hot glamour-winner! Wearing your Pink Fire, you’ll always manage to heat up the room with your hot smart presence. You wanna wildly shine in your Pink Fire!
• 100% Silk
• Dry clean only

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