So cute, so bold!

Shoulder leather straps
Black Saffiano & Red calf leather
Black Cotton Lining
Top leather handle
Frontal flap with magnet
One front zip pocket
Drawstring closure
Internal pocket with zipper
Silver accessories
Frontal detail in Lego Panda frame
Made in Italy
Bags 29x40x17 cm
About the brand and the designer:
Inspired by the versatility, range of colors and the geometric shapes of legos, Les Petits Joueurs aims to create a brand that shakes up familiar aesthetic conceits and expectations of what a purse should be.
Designer and creative director, Maria Sole Cecchi began this inventive journey on her own. At the young age of 19, Maria Sole dropped out of law school, and left her home in Florence to move to Paris and work in a handbag store. While working in retail, the savvy Italian decided to put her creativity to work and glued a few pieces of lego onto one of her old handbags, and wore it for a night out in Paris. The handbag was a huge hit, and Maria started designing for friends, before securing a professional Florence-based manufacturer who produced 60 bags for a line she would call Les Petits Joueurs.
In 2010, Maria Sole moved to Brazil and joined forces with her brother and financial arm, Andrea Cecchi. The Italian duo continued to push forward approaching potential South American stockists until securing top placements for her 60-piece strong handbag line.

"Les Petits Joueurs is French and not only means "the little players" but also has a double meaning. Its used to define those people who don't take risks, that don't play until the end. I found this really interesting because it s actually what the brand is all about: taking risks and go forward, being young, fresh and innovative.

I love legos not only because it represent our childhood, but because it is perfect in the forms and the colors are really bright. The effect of a lego brick over the leather is simply amazing. It's different. That's why I consider Legos as an accessory now.

Inspiration for me comes from everywhere. What inspires me the most is art, and the differents cultures. But not only: while I create a collection I can take references from anything that catch my attention, a signal, a door, a paviment, a print…

The bags are produced after a long study made by local florentines artisans. Our aim is to create not only something beautiful but a very qualitative product that will last for a lifetime. We choose and test all the materials that we use and all the bags are the result of an attentive construction. From the creation of the lego design until the packaging of the final product."

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