'Sporty Jewel' Round Neck Net Sleeve Mini Dress

Style Notes
Chic with an elegant energetic catch! Sporty Jewel is a gorgeous girly dress. A ritzy round neck mini dress with pretty sporty navy stripes and a lovely metallic zipper on the back. Sporty Jewel with its cute pink round neck can simply gift-wrap your figure in the latest fashion. Run fast, fancy and fashionable! All the eyes will be on this sweet Sporty Jewel! Make the most of your stunning style in this chic-spicy Sporty Jewel dress. This lovely net sleeve mini dress will embrace your chic and energetic presence. So speed up your youthful elegance in this Sporty Jewel dress.
• Fabric 1: 100% Wool
• Fabric 2: 100% Silk
• Dry clean only
This item cannot be returned or exchanged

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