'Smart Dreamy Start' Tight Waist Long Sleeve Midi Dress

Style Notes
Try this unbeatable Smart Dreamy Start! Cover up to empower and uncover your perfect curves in absolute elegance and style! Zip up your secrets to your unbeatable successfulness in this fancy fine feminine midi dress. A dress to be neatly and uniquely recognized in! Restart your style with Smart Dreamy Start! A posh pretty little pencil dress with lovely little royal blue details. Chic with unique eye-catching royal blue stripes that run around the neck, waist and cuffs. Give your elegance a tender touch of blue and you’ll be surprised how everyone will rediscover the irresistible youthfulness within you. With your Smart Dreamy Start dress you’ll step out only to stand out!
• 100% Polyester
• Dry clean only

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