’Dancing Grass’ Multilayered, Long Sleeve Midi Dress

Style Notes
Seek style beyond the surface! Find the real timeless elegance in an adorable dress that will not simply match your style but loudly sing your style. Find your most stylish self in ‘Dancing Grass’. An exquisite long sleeve dress with multilayer mysteries of one fabulous piece of fabric blending into another, creating a gorgeous image that one won’t easily forget. It’s about the impression that lingers on. The glow of the green fabric gets stronger on the elegant foundation of the black fabric flowing under it. However, the abstract print carries the real mystery here with the wild and yet tranquil lines. Creative and seductive abstract lines that immediately draw one’s attention to the terrific details of this lovely unusual dress. A dress with empowering and fascinating details, like the lightning-reminder zipper or the powerful wing-like petal sleeves. So make the most of your ultra fine taste and make another unique entrance. This time, in Dancing Grass!
• Fabric 1: 100% Viscose
• Fabric 2: 100% Polyester
• Dry clean only

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