'Sweet Pink Kiss' Sleeveless Knee Length Cut-out V-neck Dress

Style Notes
Business chic gets flirty and flashy! Glide into your sweetest sporty-flirty outfit. Elegant, neat and naughty has never felt better! Enjoy the kissable combination of colors! This Sweet Pink Kiss dress has the perfect stylish and sophisticated knee length to fit you in all kinds of fancy formal occasions as well as all sorts of fun and flirty moments that your busy day could have in store for you. You’ll leave more room for all kinds of possibilities when you start off your day with this splendid Sweet Pink Kiss! So smooth as a kiss, have the business lady in you meet the party girl in you. Let this dress kiss your day and get rid of all your concerns.
• 100% Cotton
• Dry clean only
This item cannot be returned or exchanged

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