'Claudia's Lambs' Long Sleeve, Lilac Shift Dress

Style Notes
There is so much more than just a posh pattern that has been cut into a dress here. There is a story, a dream and a fabulous feeling of freedom here. A whimsical cheerful dream that’s been beautifully captured on this lovely lilac dress, awaits you. All equipped with a happy fancy dress to fight any possible upcoming chaos, unpleasantness or stress. With Claudia’s Lambs, you won’t have time for bitterness. In a beautiful comfortable lilac dress like this, it’s not just the body that is being styled, the soul finally gets the chance to sparkle too. This is an unusual must-have lilac dress. Fashionably creating the same sort of delights, as of waking up into a dreamland.
• 100% Neoprene
• Dry clean only
This item cannot be returned or exchanged

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