'Brave Love Talk' Fine Light Blue Denim Dress With Fancy Lace Sleeves

Style Notes
A bold combination of two of the most desirable textures make this dress extremely chic and attractive. The fine high quality denim keeps the straight silhouette both neat and sweet.
This Brave Love Talk will seal your timeless style.
Allowing glamour to reach your figure like never before.
Winning in your eye catching Brave Love Talk, you’ll always feel good and feminine.
Decorated with a single stripe on the top and a single zip-pocket on the side, this dress keeps a cute chic dialogue between its decorative details to bring out that lingering essence of elegance which is timeless.
This is a dress that attracts with each stitch and every inch of it. The ultimate modern sweet lace and catchy denim outfit that would perfectly go with anyone with any kind of figure.
Details • Fabric 1: 100% Cotton
• Fabric 2: 90% Cotton, 10% Elastane
• Dry clean only
This item cannot be returned or exchanged

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