'Black and Red Charms' Elbow Length Sleeves Dress in New Look Style

Style Notes
Feminine around the clock! Functional and fashionable can be way more adorable than you’d expect. Cute elbow length sleeves will enhance the elegance of each move that you’ll be making. Wearing Black and Red Charms, you’ll be keeping that flash of fashion as charming as possible. This could be your ultimate dazzling daywear. Wildly feminine and highly conservative! With this timeless classic cut and catchy combination of colors, you’ll be showing off your tight waist without your grace going to waist. Be fashionable and feminine all the time Stay feminine and fabulous at work and after work. You’ll love being the queen of style! So let your style have a taste of something special. Something like Black and Red Charms, elbow length sleeves dress in new look style.
• 50% Silk, 50% Polyester
• Dry clean only
This item cannot be returned or exchanged

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