'Beach Sunset' Short Black Sleeveless Dress With Bright Details

Style Notes
A comfy dress with a free feminine silhouette. Fancy with a stunning bright ruffle running vertically all through the dress in an unusual elegant design.
A dress in a thrilling amazing sunset theme.
Take your time to notice the flow of the living and inspiring elements of fashion that are out there all around you.
Be irresistibly and naturally charming!
Have a fancy ruffle refine the theme of your dress.
A chic shift dress in contrasting colors, coming together in a passionate theme for a fashionable dress. Enjoy the forever jazzy and arty elements of Sunset put together in your dress. So that you’ll be energized and inspired to get into the beach sunset atmosphere and dance your way through.
Details • 100% Polyester
• Dry clean only
This item cannot be returned or exchanged

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