Contrasted Dot Dress

Brand: Carla Pontes
Material: 100% Cotton; Colour: Dry Pink / Dark Navy Blue Dot Dress
About the shop: store is an independent design store, Porto based, worldwide oriented. We sell and communicate a selection of products from emerging creators and new brands from fashion, furniture, product and lighting design.
The idea of creating a design store in Porto was a response of the necessity to start talking about a group of products and creators that appeared in Portugal in the last few years. We believed in the urgency of constructing a space between a store and a gallery, that beyond a necessary point of sales, would be essentially a communication space for design, designers, products and their stories.
Working with design, because we believe in the "identity by design" idea: to each identity problem there is a design solution.
Our Offline store is located at an old 1950´s corner grocery shop space, in the Miguel Bombarda neighbourhood, best known by Porto Art District.
The product selection we present is based on unique designs and material quality, experimentalism and innovation, but mainly with a certain timeless feeling that better represents our concept for contemporary urban lifestyle. store chooses to work with unique pieces or limited editions, the products that better adapt to the question of identity (by design).
We invited young creators and emerging brands to work with us. From more consensual names as Daniela Barros, Susana Bettencourt, Ricardo Andrez or Dam, to the most recent like Carla Pontes, Carlos Couto or Namban. Our interest relies on the constant discovery of interesting designers and products, which we consider urgent to talk about.
We mainly work with young Portuguese designers, but sometimes we need to go out of our editorial line.

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