Slouchy Beanie in cashmere

If you’re going to buy a fur pom-pom hat, buy a Tallis. Our flagship Slouchy Beanie ticks all the boxes. Soft and sumptuous pure cashmere looks luxurious, feels baby-soft against the skin and is super warm. The fur pom-pom is made from Finnish raccoon fur, a thick spiky pom-pom. The fur we use for the pom-pom comes from SAGA certified farms in Finland. You can read more about our responsible sourcing in our Fur Blog.
Hat - 100% cashmere, hand-sewn
Product code: 122732
About the brand:
"I created Tallis to make luxury yet contemporary fur products, using responsibly sourced materials. I have cared about sustainability since before spell-check recognised the word. I used to ask waiters where their seafood came from, knowing they would stare at me with incredulity every time, just to try to get the word out. I have been passionate about sustainability since the penny first dropped while diving in a school of tuna, so when I founded Tallis I knew that sustainability was going to be integral to the brand. Fur isn’t for everyone, but for those who want it, we aim to be their go-to brand for trusted products." - Lilly Milligan Gilbert, the Tallis Founder.
The Tallis is a legendary deer, its name derives from a talisman - thought to bring good luck. The story told over generations was that a Tallis saved a beleaguered tribe in a snow storm by showing the way to shelter, and since then has always brought safety and comfort to those who have the good fortune to spot him in the snow.​
Tallis is born from this legend. We live and breathe to make special products which keep you safe and warm in style.

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