Rose Facial Toner

There’s nothing like natural ingredients when it comes to skincare, and this gentle rose facial toner by Urban Organics has completely won us over with its soothing organic properties. This toner features a natural magic ingredient called Witch Hazel which proves immediate results in combatting swelling & dead skins cells while also tightening/firming skin. The rose water helps to hydrate, revitalize, moisturize, and smooth out the skin.
DIRECTIONS: Pour a tiny amount on a cotton ball & wipe face in a circular & upward motion, paying special attention to blemishes and dry patches. Repeat when skin is especially dry and/or dirty.
• 4 oz. bottle
• Contains alcohol free With Hazel distillate: Vegan & Kosher Certified
• Works best for dryer skin types
• Use after cleansing & apply moisturizer if needed afterward
• Keep away from mucous membranes & eyes

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