Laila Istanbul Silhouette Twill Scarf - Black White in silk

100 % Silk
Reference: A1411378402063
About the brand:
Silk and Cashmere is the only brand in the world that strictly specializes in the finest pure cashmere, pure silk and their blended products for both men and women. Established over two decades ago, the brand has close to two hundred prime locations worldwide and its cashmere collection is by far the largest of its kind. Silk and Cashmere’s passion has always been to provide its loyal customers with high quality products made from the best cashmere available to mankind and presenting these treasures at affordable prices . With flagship stores in the hearts of world capitals like Paris, London, Zurich, Geneva and Berlin, Silk and Cashmere has adopted a slogan that perfectly embodies what it achieves to become: “the world’s most loved cashmere brand.”

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