Cactus Pin by Scout Editions

I'm very fond of Cacti in all their forms - and so are Scout Editions! Maybe it's because they are almost impossible for the non green fingered of us to kill... but they look great too. This is a must have addition to any cacti lovers collection, or for a pin lover. Easy to care for too!
This cactus pin is made out of coloured high quality hard enamel set in gold plating, with 5 colours.
Comes displayed on a stripe graphic backing card.
Height: 34mm, Widest point: 18mm
Made in UK
Why do we sell this in the Snowden Flood studio shop? I've often admired the work of sister & brother Pui & Wai. Always colourful and cheerful but with a nice narrative to it. They make things I want to own or give as gifts to loved ones.

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