Yoshi Hot Air Balloons Leather Applique Bag

• This whimsical shoulder bag by Yoshi features an applique design of lots of pretty hot air balloons ascending into the sky. Made from soft blue coloured leather, this bag has two shoulder straps, a zip closure, an inner zipped pocket and an inner phone pocket. Perfect for everday use!
Dual shoulder straps.
Inner zip pocket and inner phone pocket.
h:23cm w:33cm d:7cm
Yoshi is a leatherwork company who pride themselves on taking traditional British design and combining it with a contemporary twist to create a selection of gorgeous and unique leather bags. Podarok are proud to be displaying a selection of the Yoshi Hunter collection with a varied palette for every season and finished with a metal swing clasp. The bags are made of high quality leather and every detail and stitch is checked throughout the production to ensure a high quality and stylish companion for any occasion.

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